SPECTRUM #1 Debut!

“We’re all here because we’ve identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.  But that’s really only the first step.  There’s an entire spectrum to our identities…which is why our symbol is the rainbow.” –Spectrum #1

Two Gargoyles Comics is proud to present to you all the first page of Spectrum, our LGBT-focus superhero comic!

Richie Sorensen is a young man who is just getting ready to come out, and is seeking a greater understanding of himself as a young gay man.  But just as he’s introducing himself to the community, his life changes as he suddenly gets superpowers!  As if high school, friends, and family weren’t enough to figure out..!

This comic is about the search for identity within the gay community.  The struggles for coming out are not what they once were– but while there may be more freedom to explore one’s identity, there are other challenges such as “Where do I fit in to all this?”  Explore with us, and find your place on the rainbow’s spectrum!

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