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Well folks, our deadline has come and gone and we weren’t successful… THIS time.

Kyle and I have learned a lot from this process, (and hey, this was our very first Kickstarter!) so we WILL be trying again in the New Year.

Currently, we’re thinking March 2018 to re-Kickstart, and in the meantime we’d love to hear your feedback on what worked for you, what you think might work better, and what didn’t work.

There are SO many successful comic Kickstarters out there, we have faith that we’ll get there; we just have some re-tooling and fine-tuning to do! We’re SO grateful for all of you who believed in us, and we hope you’ll rejoin us in March to make Gloaming #3 a reality! In the meantime, keep your eyes on Twitter: @Twogargs and @Kyohazard, and don’t forget our main websites: www.twogargs.com and www.kyohazard.com !

If you want, you can send us feedback through here or at twogargs@gmail.com!

In gratitude,

Michael & Kyle


We’re SUPER PROUD to present our very first Kickstarter, NOW LIVE at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/twogargs/gloaming-3 !

Please support Canadian Indie Comics! Our Horror comic Gloaming has already had lots of fan-love for the first two issues, now see what a third issue could bring!

Some of the rewards for pledging your support:

-Digital and physical copies of Gloaming #3
-Digital and physical copies of the entire Gloaming set
-Your name on the Two Gargoyles website Thank You page
-Variant Cover edition (limited)
-Room key to the Verfall Inn
-Limited edition “Greetings from Gloaming” sketch card by artist Kyle Burles
-Have your likeness drawn into the comic!
-Be drawn as the Sheriff of Gloaming
-Be drawn as the MAYOR of Gloaming!

And above and beyond all that, the joy of knowing you, yes YOU, helped create a comic book and bring it into the world. Way to go, you!

We have 42 days to fund the project. Our goal: $4500.00.  With your help, we CAN do it!

Much love,

Michael & Kyle.


Howdy Gargeteers!

Back from FanExpo in Toronto!  Very well organized, well-run con considering its size (huge!) and its location (smack dab in the middle of downtown Toronto!).  I (Michael) had a lovely table setup in Artist’s Alley.


Sales were slow for me, but what I lacked in selling I made up for in learning and inspiration.  Mike and Lisa Rieger, both experts in design and detail, gave my table a once-over and talked to me about “maximizing” my display to attract better attention.  Which worked– after they used their Fairy Sales Magic to move things around, sales picked up.  Cleverness!

Also, got introduced to Lar deSouza by my old friend Heather Bruton.  Every morning, Heather and I would gab about the Business of Art and Creativity and refresh each other’s inspiration; when Lar joined us on the third morning it was electric.  The exchange of ideas has me singing with energy to produce more, better and with more clarity, than ever before!

Did you know I live-reported each day of the con on social media?  That’s right– on Twitter (@Twogargs), Tumblr (twogargs.tumblr.com) and Facebook (facebook.com/twogargs/).  But I’ve also JUST started an Instagram account specifically for Twogargs– if you were following livemike317 before the convention lease follow Twogargs (https://instagram.com/twogargs/) now.

One of the results of my con-fueled inspiration is that I’ve started a Kickstarter account! (https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/twogargs) Feel free to follow me to see what I’m up to, and WATCH THIS SPACE because Kickstarter is going to figure prominently in the Two Gargoyles’ future!

Another is that Kyle Burles and I have submitted our comic, Gloaming, to Shadowline comics for consideration as part of their line.  Wish us luck– it could mean stepping up to the big(ger) leagues!

Also, with Mike Rieger’s help, I’m going to be updating the twogargs.com site to better reflect the expanded direction I want to take the site in, and we’ll also be including new offerings such as webcomics for you to enjoy and keep visiting the site!  It’s all very squee-worthy, at least in my book!

redandwhitelogoAll this and the Red & White Expo in Calgary this weekend!  Kyle and I will be there!  Will you?  Sunday, SUNDAY SUNDAY! (the 13th of September)!

Remember, as our Two Gargoyles say, “Keep Looking UP!”

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