Hello, Punch!

Mr. Punch is a Britishly flamboyant mage who debuted in the pages of Twilight Detective Agency #1, and the response to his presence was tremendous. He is easily the number one fan-requested character I’ve created, both for story reasons and “appearing in tight leather pants” reasons.

Artist Jeremy Thew and I have therefore embarked on giving Mr. Punch his very own comic, The Magickal Mister Punch, which is in the works and will probably debut sometime in 2018. However, we believe in not leaving our audience hanging that long, and so we present to you the webcomic, “Hello, Punch!” which will introduce the character more thoroughly and give you a taste of what’s to come in his own eponymous title!

I’ve decided to upload a new page of Hello, Punch! every Tuesday to honour my friend Sherri, who often says she would like to punch Tuesday in the face, and so, voilà– Punch Tuesdays!

Please read and enjoy!