Diaperman by Derek Mah
Diaperman by Derek Mah

Hey Folks!! Had an interesting conversation about “Reboots” in the comic industry. Now, personally, I’m against them when they happen EVERY FREAKIN’ YEAR. But what about a comic that was started 20 years ago and has gone through tons of changes? Is it valid at that point, or do you forget about the past and concentrate on the future?

Those of us who are comics fans know all about “retconning” and “rebooting”: Specifically, starting a comic series over for a fresh take on the characters.  There’s always argument over whether or not it’s necessary.  In the case of Two Gargoyles Comics’ DIAPERMAN, the comic was started over 20 years ago and has gone through many changes since.  So the question is:  Do we reboot the story and start fresh, or continue the storyline as it’s been?


5 thoughts on “TO REBOOT OR NOT TO REBOOT?

  1. YES, you should Re-Boot Diaperman! 😀
    I’d be happy to offer some suggestions too on a new style/storyline. I’m a good writer and I’m working on my art skills as well; working with primarily two manuals/books to help me along the way, “How to Write a Damn Good Novel” and “The Everything Cartooning Book”. Won’t be long at all before I can make a character really engrossing and addictive; to do that one has to make their characters emotional firestorms, kinda like real people haha….being an ABDL as well as an RLSH, I also have a lot of firsthand experience with what sort of problems and obstacles the new Diaperman would run into. Always felt making it a bit more realistic could really turn it into something even more awesome. =)

    –Diaperman of Alaska

    1. I’d be intrigued to hear your ideas, but as Alaskan Diaperman– You know the concept of “Batman, Incorporated” where there are Batmen and Robins all over the place? (I haven’t read it, I just understand it’s about franchising) — imagine that Diaperman had actually, in an alternate reality, franchised his identity, allowing “Diapermen” to pop up all over the place. I hereby say this: If you want to write a small two to four page story about Alaskan Diaperman, I’ll publish it on the site here. Why not invite people to share the fun? (Disclaimer: Yes, I’m offering permission for you to use the likeness for this one story– don’t go making your own comic and putting me out of business, now! 🙂 )

      For those of you who don’t know what an RLSH is, it’s Real Life Super Heroes! Check out and be inspired. As for RLSH Diaperman, I can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. Coolness; I’m headed to the city tomorrow so I should be able to pick up some supplies; my drawing kit is practically nil at this point haha. XD

  3. I always thought it would be cool if RLSH became like an alternate universe for comic book heroes; some of them we already have: We have a Batman RLSH (quite a few actually, but some of the vets only refer to the Bar Harbor Batman from Maine as the most consistent “Batman RLSH”; but there’s also one overseas, I forget where, but he’s former special ops and actually works with the detective force to help them solve crimes and murders; in my opinion THAT guy is the closest thing to Real Life Batman haha. We also have a Spiderman RLSH, a Deadpool RLSH, a Captain America RLSH, a Black Panther RLSH, a Superboy RLSH, a few Robin/Boy Wonder RLSHs, and probably some more that I’m not aware of. Some of us have real super powers too; nothing as exagerated as in the comics, but there’s a few out there who are pretty mindblowing. There’s a genuine samurai who once demonstrated his abilities by slicing IN HALF, a little plastic pellet fired at him from an airsoft gun; the first try he merely deflected the projectile, but insisted out of honor that he try it again, and he split it clean in two. Other members are psychic/precognitive; Spiderman RLSH for example actually does have a real life Spider-Sense to warn him of imminent danger. I’m still working on developing my own abilities; so far the coolest thing I’ve ever done was a sort of X-Ray vision; I found one red card out of 99 black cards without looking at any of the faces; I just visualized in my mind what the card was going to be when I flipped it over/flipped it over in my head first to see what color it was. Statistically speaking there was only a 1% chance of success. Took me a few tries but still lol. My powers seem to be at their peak when I’m regressed to an infantile like state though; like everything around me just looks brand new and like I haven’t noticed or felt everything around me in a long time; the temperature, the humidity levels, the gravity of the earth holding me to the ground; it’s like everything just blasts right open and I feel like I can do anything. Haven’t been able to regress myself far back enough though….kinda scared to too. My parents though have expressed an openness to it though, I’ve just been too scared to take them up on their offer though. Just today though I wrote them a letter saying I’d be willing to give it a try in the not too distant future; they seemed oddly happy….kinda scary really lol. XD

    But yeah….RLSH are pretty wild; it could definitely be an alternate universe for the comic book universe as a whole haha.

  4. Oh wow, it’s literally been a year since the original post was made. Ah well, better late than never I suppose. My own personal opinion is to not reboot the series. While a reboot might unify the story and draw in new readers, reboots within the larger comic industry have become so ubiquitous that I feel disconnected from so many characters that I had once cherished. Michael himself noted experiencing something similar to this with comics, and while I don’t think rebooting Diaperman would have the same effect, I personally feel that “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

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