XANTHUS: The Light of Joy

“An alien energy being fuses its essence with a despairing man named Sean Preston and together they attempt to return joy to the world. Reflective and hopeful. If you liked Superman, you’ll love Xanthus!”

That’s the logline. That’s the elevator pitch. But there’s some deep discussion along with the heroics in Xanthus.

We open on a suicide attempt. That’s right. There’s no shying away from what is a core concept of the book—ultimate despair and the ability to fight it. Xanthus is an alien energy being, the frequency of which is utter, absolute joy—and, drawn to the depth of Sean’s despair, fuses with him in order to save his life.

Thus begins a journey of healing, of trying to understand the darkness both within and without—and learning how to combat it.

One of the caveats of joy is that, in humans, the emotion isn’t sustainable. No one lives in a state of perfect joy all the time. So how do we cope when the bleakness creeps in? We develop tools, skills to navigate the often choppy waters of emotion, seeking if not a perfect peak, then at the very least, stability.

Enter the dark energy being, Nubilus. It feeds on negative emotions, on despair and doubt, and therefore feeds endlessly, for those emotions are almost always present. Sean was himself a victim of Nubilus, and learning this prompts him to want to fight the being as well as the effect it has on others.

Thus is born the hero Xanthus, doing battle not only in the traditional superhero sense but in the inner landscape of the human psyche as well.

I wanted very much to write a book about human emotion, and about fighting depression, which emotion is so common these days. I am encouraged by the growing discussions around mental illness, and I wanted to contribute in an engaging, visual way.

I hope you enjoy Sean Preston’s healing journey—because I believe he represents all of us who have ever struggled to find the light in the darkness.

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