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Episode 11: Happy New Year!

Happy Nude Ear! We discuss the goals we’ve made for 2020, how we had to reassess them in the wake of… well, everything, and the new, reimagined goals for 2021. Are indie comics still real if you can’t actually hand them to people? Is Kyle transforming into the Mandarin from Iron Man 3?

Episode 10: The Absolute Flagrant Disregard of Nostalgia, Part Two

In honour of October, the boys, plus special guest star Jeremy Thew, exhume the nearly twenty-five-year-old (but still highest-selling Twogargs book) Diaperman: The Graphic Novel. Old art! Non-backgrounds! Giant fonts! We revisit the time at which it all seemed like a good idea.



I can’t tell you how excited I am to type the above sentence.  We are over the hump, over the 50-yard line, halfway there, WHOOOOOOOA-OH, livin’ on a prayer! However you’d like to phrase it, we are well on our way to total, 100% funding!

To commemorate this fantastic day, I’d like to share a fun one-page comic Jeremy Thew drew starring Spectrum.  Remember those old Hostess Fruit Pie ads from the 70’s and 80’s?  Well, we decided to have SPECTRUM star in Two Gargoyles Comics’ very own “MOSTEST Fruit Pie” ads! 

And remember– now that we’re over 50% funded, now is not the time to slow down! Reach out to your friends and family, get the URL trending on social media, invite every one you can think of to back this project! We want this train to ZOOM downhill into the station, not crawl its way there.

Thank you all for your support, backing, and efforts in this campaign!

Can I get a WOO HOO?


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