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Jean-Paul of They Stand On Guard (A Canadian comics review blog) has reviewed THUNDER issues one, two and three.  Check it out! 

Major kudos to Jean-Paul, and much gratitude, for emailing me directly to figure out how to get the comics when the distribution of the selling site let him down.  True Canadian spirit persevered, and I was only too happy to send him the issues in question.

This whets my appetite for more exposure, figuring out who to contact and how to get the word out about our Canadian superhero!  If you tell two friends, and THEY tell two friends, and so on and so on, who knows if perhaps one of the people talked to will be a MOVIE PRODUCER become a true fan of the comic?  Anything can happen.

Thanks so much, JP, and THUNDER will continue to “stand on guard for thee!”


Whew!  Now wasn’t THAT a party.

Folks, Calgary Comic Expo was far and away our best show yet.  We sold out of all our print copies of Twilight Detective Agency #1, sold out of our table-bling magnets and sundries and met some truly GREAT people.

The best compliment a creator can ever hear is when someone asks:  “Is there any more?”

Thunder issues 1-3 were the best sellers over the course of the weekend, generating steady interest and return customers who had bought issue 1 and were hooked!  It seems that they, like we, were starved for some Canadian heroes!  Maybe one day, Thunder can meet Captain Canuck!

The show itself was as huge as ever — some 50 000+ attendants, according to the Calgary SUN– but the traffic flow was marvelous.  Another thing that made the difference to TwoGargs was our choice to move our presence from the Small Press area to Artist’s Alley.  Not only was there a steady stream of people coming past the table but there were lots of people to help out and watch tables when bathroom breaks were needed!  Great group of folks in Artist’s Alley– professional creators, first-timers, artists and crafters– you should always make the Alley part of your convention experience.  This is where you’ll find the next Gail Simone or Jim Lee!  (or even the current ones!)

TwoGargs already has a table for next year– and if you missed us this year, don’t forget that all our comics are available thru IndyPlanet!


It’s t-minus one week until the Calgary Comic Expo!  Twogargs will be there, of course, debuting Twilight Detective Agency #1 for Calgary audiences as well as premiering THUNDER #3, for the first time anywhere!

Nothing says “convention preparation” like last-minute product orders, so I’m happy to announce a very special set of magnets for sale at our table– just ordered rush-rush-rush today from Vistaprint.  What are the magnets?  Well, that’s a surprise for the show- but here’s a hint, it has something to do with our name.  AW yeah.

Very excited, very manic here this week!  Hope to see you all at the Expo!


up and away
Up and Away!

This is just to announce to all our readers out there that the completed script for THUNDER issue four is now in the hands of talented artist Dean Meek, with a release target date of EDMONTON EXPO, September 28-29, 2013!  Now that Two Gargs is showing at THREE conventions a year (Seattle, Calgary and Edmonton), we have a much clearer idea of when we need our books to come out!

2013 has had a very promising start for us, and there’s nothing like early success to get (and keep) the creative juices flowing.  Naturally, we couldn’t do it without readers!  Thanks so much for joining us!  Now everyone go and tell two friends!